It’s been a long time since I jot down something here. I’ve been home for about 4months.. and been doing a lot of travelling for the last few months. It started with the postgrad trip with my friends. Then came back for job interview and once again had another postgrad trip with my family… and celebrated mum’s birthday in St. Petersburg…

The hardest travel was the journey back home. The sponsor gave me plane ticket which I need to travel back home alone. I just can’t believe it. Out of hundreds of students sponsored why I had to travel alone when there’re another students requesting for the same date. Honestly I don’t really care travelling alone. But when the sponsor gave the domestic flight ticket arriving at different airport from the departing international flight, I was really pissed off. The domestic flight arrived at Domodedovo airport ( in South ) and international flight departed from Sheremetyevo airport ( in the North ). Aarghh… and during the last journey back home I brought in total about 57kg. Alone. Uh.

The domestic flight from Volgograd is tiring. And the excess baggage fee for the domestic flight was very expensive, far more expensive than the KLM and MAS’s international and domestic flight’s fare. I was very shocked. KLM is the oldest flight carrier in the world. MAS is a 5-star airline award winner.

I like the piece concept for the baggage by KLM. It is very passenger friendly but to pack all the stuff according to the rule is really a heartache. Luckily the KLM Royal Dutch flight was very good. One of the best actually. The ground staffs were very friendly. The cabin staffs were very welcoming. The refreshments were yummy. The taxi, take off and landing were smooth.. and.. Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport is great too. It’s very busy as it caters the hub for the trans-Atlantic flight. Not to forget, the duty free shops there were not too expensive. I do enjoy shopping there.. hehe.. and I met a nice Sudanese uncle there. Glad to have a friend to talk with. Except that he asked me to watch over his hand luggage twice for about 90min..

And of course the MAS’s flight is the most tranquilizing one. I was like.. ‘At last.. the flight bound to Kuala Lumpur.. after my body ached from the heavy baggage (and also hand luggage).’ Sat next to 18-month old baby Alex from Amsterdam.. travelling with his family to Aussie. He was sooo cute and active too.

When the plane touched down in KL, I was very relieved.. No matter what happen, my family is near. I had another MAS’s flight where I need to pay for the excess baggage. Hoho.. lucky me the domestic flight’s rate is cheaper.

At home, mum’s been dragging me here and there. Travelling north and south and east and west. She said I must visit all the relatives all around Malaysia before I started working.. and whenever I went to any places besides home, I had various health condition.. huhu.. maa.. Although I like to travel, but my ideal holiday would be to spent the days sleeping, resting, watching TV, reading or surfing internet. It’s like the improvisation of Hiroshi, Chibi Maruko-chan’s dad.. haha.. lol.. What a hardcore introvert.

Speaking about anime.. I’ve been watching a lot of anime recently.. and I reaaaalllllyy love ‘Maid-sama!’ and ‘Fairy Tail.’ I’m afraid that I’m turning into an otaku. I still remember when I tried to bring Juju from the otaku life.. hoho.. It looks like we’ve been switching places.. hehe.. Got to go now. Will jot down anything… if I have the time.

P.S: Would like to congratulate my friend Mayumi Tomita for having her new baby boy recently, my deareast sister for getting the oversea internship offer and to those who started working already..

Where We Say Goodbye

This'll be my last post from Volgograd, Russian Federation..

After 6years time, I have to admit it's pretty hard to say goodbye. But like people always say, when there's a start, there's also an end. Sobs~
Just settled the important document when I bumped into my Russian language teacher.. Had a little chat with her.. and later found out that it is even harder to say goodbye.. sobs.. Recently I accidentally met a lot of teacher on the street.. Pharmaco's Vadim, Infectious Diseases Bozhko, Russian Language's HOD Tatyana Konstantinovna etc.. aaaa... It brings back old memories~

I'm packing my things now but since the KLM Royal Dutch flights apply strict rules on the baggage weight, it really gives me headache.. huhu.. My mum and sister came for the graduation ceremony but they then forgot to bring back few things.. uwaaa.. there's go my baggage weight.. Mum also suddenly requested me to buy few things to bring back home.. heavy.. heavy.. T_T Although I already cargoed (is this a word?) a lot of things, it is still heavy..

Speaking about the journey, I'm going back alone this time.. all the way from the domestic to the international flight... and.. and.. the sponsor bought the domestic and international flight that arrives and departs from different airports.. So I need to change airport.. from the southern airport to the northern one..T_T.. I guess I'm going to be soooo miserable, tired and dizzy tomorrow.. huhu..
But honestly, I can't wait to take the long haul flight operated by Malaysia Airlines.. 12hours~... The longest long haul flight I took before was from Singapore's Changi to Moscow's Domodedovo - 10hours.. Hope there'll be interesting inflight intertainment or else I'm going to be bored from travelling alone.. huhu..

Need to continue packing and get some rest.. Tomorrow's a big day!! Hope everything will be fine..

(Half heartedly).. Goodbye Volgograd~ For the past 6years.. I'm going to treasure and miss it so much..
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I'm grateful

I just finished my state exams today.. Meaning, that’s the end of my study in medical school..

Thinking back, I can’t believe I spend 6 years of my life in Volgograd. I’ve never been anywhere in this whole wide world for this long, not even in my hometown.. and because of that, I grow to love Volgograd though there are some things need to be improved here.. maaa.. not everything is perfect right?

These past 6 years were eventful. I was quite reluctant in the early years but it gets better during the clinical years. In the early years, I was like.. what am I studying.. what did I learn and do.. but all of that disappear as the time goes by. It’s just that nobody explains to you and you need to get it by yourself.. the temp, management, etc..  It’s all up to yourself..

Not to forget, during the first year, it saddens me as I was unable to attend the funeral of my late stepfather. Do rest in peace. I have to admit I was a bit lost after that but fortunately I was able to recover not so long after that. It does make me strong.

Being a first batch of PTS [T/N: Penilaian Tahap Satu/ Level One Assessment – now defunct] student is not easy. As pioneer batch, we need to encounter with all the defects, bullying, not being acknowledged, being ignored and it is very hard to express our opinion to the elder students as we are regarded as.. young.. These continue from the primary school, to secondary and till university.. Honestly, I think this thing will continue for some more years as people keep thinking that we’re young and incapable.

And today I finished my undergraduate studies. After all the hardship, I am glad and grateful to finish it. And for that, from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank my family, friends, all of my teachers and lecturers for the love, support, patience, help, knowledge and guidance.

Sincerely.. thank you very much~ ♥♥♥




P/S: This week's Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood's episode is awesome!! Only 3episodes left!


There's so many celebrations in May.. For the first 3 weeks of it, there're Labour's Day, Mother's Day, International Nurse Day, Teacher's Day, Victory Day in most of European countries, Children's Day in certain countries... and the list goes on.
To those who were celebrated... congratulations~

Yesterday was the end of school term in Russia. You can see senior high students wearing red slings, white fluffy hair bands... etc.. etc..

And in less than a week time I'm having THE State Exams... I'm really nervous now.. Feel like the heart is beating for a zillion times per minute.. Really hope that I manage to cope with them and everything will be fine..

Some people say that exam is also a celebration.. for students.. Really?? Hoho..

Better burn the midnight oil tonight.. and the nights after that too..

Wish me luck~

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The Square

30th April 2010, 10.30p.m. [I'm stating this as my lappie is set to GMT +08:00 and I don't even bother to change it to my current location.]

Gynecology ended at last!!! ...and there's the Labour's Day holiday!! :D やった!!

But that's not the main point.. Today's evening there's a troop (maybe more? I can't see them clearly) of soldiers having some kind of ceremony at the Pavshikh Bortsov Square, which is located not so far away from my home. It is usual to see ceremonies, gatherings or functions at the square.. where police officers will take extra precautions.. and you can see road blocks, ambulances.. hmm.. what else.. ah.. red flags.. there's some patriotic songs and music, drum rolls, ... and all sort of things you can expect..

So tomorrow's Labour's Day.. and I'm starting to wonder.. Why there's troops of soldiers?? It's not 9th May [T/N: Victory Day].. and the soldiers sang patriotic songs, there're the continuous drum rolls, medal giving ceremonies and also inauguration.. err.. why it has to be today?? What's the significant?? Perhaps a rehearsal?? hmm.. Just let it be.. Maybe there's something going on (like a batalion returning back from war or border duty or something like that..) It's just I don't know.. and that's because I don't read local newspaper or watch local news program.. hehehe..

Today's function is pretty weird.. drums were rolling from the evening, till sunset, till night.. hmm.. That's quite a some time.. Russian army is indeed strong and tough!! It's pretty cold out there and they still stand there like a monument..
So let them be like that.. I sat at home silently (and peacefully since gynecology ended). Browsing the internet, updating and searching applications in iTunes.. watching House MD (half way though)..

....and while I was reading some news on the internet.. There're very loud continuous vehicle sound with pretty strong vibration and sllight shakes.. I was like.. 'What was that???' Russia is located on a very stable place, on the continent.. mainland.. nah.. It can't be an earthquake..
But then the sound and vibration won't stop and I started to think.. Is the building I live in was built properly? It must hasn't follow the strict anti-earthquake plan like those countries in the Pacific ring.. Even if it is not an earthquake, can the building stands the continuous vibration.. Hmmm... Wait.. wait.. with God's power, an earthquake also can happen in the oddest place.. Odds happen, right?.. hmmm...

So I quickly went to the kitchen as from there I can have a clear view.. and guess what I see....
Tankers moving on the street just beneath me!!!! To be able to see real moving tankers.. I'm happy!!! This is the first time in my life seeing them moving 'live'. Of course I saw them many times in TVs/ movies.. but to see them, hearing the sound and vibration from them.. hmm.. it must be pretty horrible during wartime.. I can't even imagine the damages they can cause.. It must be pretty horrible..

Apart from the tankers, there's also a lot of army-oriented vehicles and equipments.. some are weird enough and some are like others.. I can't believe I'm seeing an army-like parade live from my home... uhuu.. tension's up! This is the first time ever in my life..
The chain of vehicle was pretty long and it ended with police cars at the end.. and that's it!! Hehe.. I'm very glad to have a chance to see them~

Last but not least.. Happy Labour's Day.. happy holidays.. ah.. tomorrow's the farewell ceremony for final year students.. huhu.. I'm so attach to Volgograd now.. I haven't spend anywhere in the world for 6 years.. It leaves a pretty much impact for me.. huhu.. I wish I can be a student forever (*sponsored, of course).
The anticipated Golden Week has started in Japan... a string of holidays~~
休日。。 いいですね~~

P/S: Visit an ophtalmologist today.. I'm going to be four-eyed soon though my vision is not severely deteriorating.. The dominant bad gene is expressing itself.. T_T

PP/S: I don't know why I'm making this entry?? Perhaps I'm hype up after seeing moving tankers live... hahahaha... gosh.. I'm so excited..




Hmm.. Time really flies.. It’s already April and yet this is the first entry for this year.. ehehee..

Let’s see what happened this year..

I had another state exam in January and it’s an embarrassing one.. I can’t believe I shed tears in front of the examiners and commission.. That made them panicked.. *blush*

After that went to Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Olomouc, Prague and Moscow..

Vienna is majestic and I love Sisi!

Bratislava is traditional and humble..

Olomouc is a good place to study. I’m glad I visited Mung there..

Prague = shopping spree!! 2 years in a row I’d been there!!

Moscow’s metro stations are very aesthetic.. and I celebrated my birthday there with my lovely friends!!


And the semester starts.. Out of blue, I am made the group leader.. I was like (0_o).. ?? For 11 semesters we had H-kun as primary group leader, why change at a very last minute?? I don’t even give my agreement.. huhuu.. What a force!

Our first cycle was Paediatrics/Neonatology.. It was interesting enough.. and newborn are always cute~

Then, Internal Medicine followed and we got 1 of the ‘dotsent’.. yay! Being under a high ranking teacher is some kind of privilege ne.. You can access things easily..

We had Tropical Diseases after that.. Helminths, malaria, haemorrhagic fevers, quarantine infections… It was indeed a very long cycle.. After so much learning about helminths, I even had nightmare about worms attacking me, I reacted to them during sleep and that caused a shock to my roommate who stayed up late. This world is scary enough!! Not to forget, the muddy road to the Infection hospital is scary too.. If you fell down, then you’re done! The mud is soooo thick.. and smelly.. huhu..  これは私です~

Then Surgery comes.. Sooooo glad that we didn’t get A-san.. hehe.. and for that, need to thank the 5th year students for having classes at the same time as us.. hehe.. I never learn under him but they say that he is scary.. I don’t know… but I know that other teachers are great!! Maa.. When it comes to learning, you can’t be choosy right? What’s important is the knowledge. It’s pretty sad that surgery is ending soon.. meaning that the days of Gynaecology with Mrs M is coming soon.. huhu..

Speaking of Surgery… all of us need to do practical and mine started with surgery.. I found it very interesting seeing and clerking patients. I mean patients with certain pathologies cannot be seen in everyday life right.. There is a saying, 'The patients are the great teacher to doctors.' and.. to be able to see them, I’m grateful enough!

I’m having practical on Therapy now.. You can’t say that it’s practical as the teacher regards it as additional class. All I do is sit in the classroom and learn about ECG for 7 classes.. T_T.. I want to see patients…

Last Sunday was one of my best friend’s birthday. We both were born through Caesarian section. I guess that's what makes us get along very well and shares common interests and tastes.. hehehe..

Happy birthday Juju!! お誕生日おめでとうございました!!!

Gosh.. I think I’m starting to love Volgograd.. I’m going to miss it sooo much after I left here.. T_T

Need to stop now.. will write more later.. *maybe.. hehe..

Last post from 2009

It has been a reaally long time..  THe first entry for this semester and the last from this year..
I'm afraid that I got cerebrosclerosis for the long silent and uh.. very passive lifestyle..
The 6th year is not as hard as before, because we're repeating the same things with more information and details.. so it's kind of relaxing, with teachers giving 'Bibliotechniy Dien' (Library Day = holiday).. So, life is not so hectic.. and yet I didn't write anything in here.. hehe..

I can barely remember the event of this semester (probably due to cerebrosclerosis or perhaps I'm too lazy to think.. huhu).
Aahh.. I'd seen autopsy for the first time at Krasnoamerskiy District which I've not been before... and then get some allergy after that.. and not so long after the allergy, I contracted with bacterial folliculitis... huhu...
Had classes in maxillo-facial sugery department too, where I saw many jaw fixation (like braces) to treat jaw fracture.. and they conduct some plastic surgery there too..
Again I had obstetrics and watched C-sect and normal vaginal delivery.. The vaginal delivery was a very touching one.. yet the C-sect was a bit tiring.. huhu..

Infectious diseases was quite tiring.. need to travel for quite a long time, then walked in the village to hospital.. and I got a strict teacher.. T_T
Not to forget.. the starting of this year's winter was very cruel.. It was so sudden.. temperature's dropping suddenly till -20'C, with wind at 40-45kmph... Blizzard/snow storm.. T_T.. Yet we had to walk along the village to the infectious hospital in the blizzard... huhuhuhu...
It was the first time in my life I had to walk in the blizzard.. huuuu..
Due to the heavy snow and slippery road, a lot of car accidents occurred.. and cause a massive traffic jam.. huhu..

We also had lessons in physiotherapy.. I think it is very interesting as we can use it for treatment and also rehabilitation.. The teacher was soooo funny.. haha..
OЗЗ was a bit dizzy.. haha.. lol.. Why?? Russia's public health with statistics.. yabba.. yabba... and it's the subject for the govt exam.. huhu.. Luckily the teacher was kind.. hehe.. Learning about other country's public health is quite interesting.. Japan is spending more money for prophylaxis.. That's good.. and it ends up with a lot of older population.. hmmmmm......

For the sixth year, the lessons end at 2pm... and lectures were included in it.. it was a bit tiring... huhu..
I'm having polyclinic now... and I think it is quite a scary subject.. huhu.. Everyday we go to the doctor's room for the out-patient treatment.. Then we need to give correct full diagnosis and treatment.. After that we have lectures.. Then discuss the topics.. huuu.. Pretty tiring..

As for the city, there are new halal restaurants.. and there's shop selling halal's meat, mutton, chicken, goose and ducks.. hehe..
Not to forget.. Zara's opening their new outlet in here... yay!!!
I'm now waiting for the countdown.. and the once in a blue moon full moon eclipse.. eheh... but it's a bit cloudy in here..

To all,
Happy new year!!! Have a successfull, happy, prosperous and blessed new year!!
Will write more later.. if I have a very strong will.. huhu..
Exam mode.. please turn on.. haha...
Till then..

Happy new year!
С Новым Годом!!!

Holiday Post.. though it's pretty late..

12 August

Hello there~

Sorry for the long silence... Well exam’s over and I’m having summer holidays now… *happy happy*

Although it’s already late.. I’d like to congratulate the class of 2009.. maa.. It’s better late than never right? Wishing the best of luck for the new doctors..

…and now the burden of the final year had struck me but I still sit in front of the TV watching Animax..haha…

I’m learning to drive a car now.. well.. half-heartedly… holiday=rest.. but I’m attending several lectures to pass the computer test about the regulations, signboards, demerit system.. yabba.. yabba..

And in the mid-day, under the summer’s sun, there’s the practical classes on parking, hill driving.. bla blaa.. I’m soaked to the skin with sweat.. uh.. driving is pretty hard..especially if you're driving a manual tranmission car.. Next time, buy an auto.. hmm.. I’d already passed the qualification test/QTI.. meaning that the real test is just around the corner.. fuh.. Quite complicated ne…

The first time the car moved I thought that it was quite freaky but now I’m used to it.. it’s just that whenever there’s a lot of car around I’m starting to get panic.. haha… maaa.. it’s my mum who dragged me to the driving school, urging me to get the license a.s.a.p. but I rather take public transport and ride a bicycle.. car is for long distance journey only.. haha.. well.. bicycle is environmentally friendly, does not use any fuel and it’s good for our health right.. but I’d get laugh a lot of time for this.. huhu.. It is good to be more environment friendly!!

It seems that I won’t be going to a lot of places this holiday since my holiday does not coincide with anybody.. and since the swine flu pandemic has struck the world.. and my sister’s college was affected... ちょう こうぇ 。。huhu..

Last but not least.. although the holiday is near to its end  L

Have a nice holiday everyone!!!


18 August

I already obtained the Provisional Driving License.. but there’s problem with the plane ticket now..huhu…  write more later


P/S : sorry for the late post and the date doesn’t match.. I am sooo lazy to get connected to the internet.. and I think watching Animax is much more fun and easy.. hahaha..

Bad Water Day

Random post today to rant..

Today I had a very bad day with water.. huhu

Earlier this morning I didn't remove completely the packing strap from the Aqua Minerale's bottle.. Because of this, the lid couldn't be closed fully.. I thought that the strap really couldn't be removed.. and I put the bottle into my bag..

I bought the flavoured mineral water a day before... and I didn't realise at all that it is not a lemon flavour.. when I tasted it.. hmmm.. why??.. it tasted just like after I brushed my teeth.. When I looked at the label...

'Aqua Minerale Activ - Greean tea and Mint Flavor'

Uwaaaaaa... That's the reason.. huhu.. What to do?? I just need to try to finish the water.. huhu..

During the break, I realised that the water leaked out.. leaving several item wet - the credit book, the groceries bag, the cover of the phone and the cover of the camera.. huhu.. Luckily, all of the item survived the 'flood'..

I was very worried remembering the damage the water caused to my camera and handset during my trip to Egypt, also due to bottle leakage in my bag too.. huhu

Later this evening, as I sat on my table trying to reach for the notepad, I accidentally spilled a mug full of lemon tea on the table, soaking the table, the notes on it, my shirts and pants, not forgetting the floor.. uwaaaa... What a massive disaster caused by a mug of lemon tea.. huhu

I'm an Aquarian.. and I have to admit that I really like water.. when seeing the sea, lake, pond or any water I am very excited though I can't swim.. but considering what happened today.. uh.. even small amount of water can bring a lot of harm ne~

Till then..

*Hoping for a better tomorrow*
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First post from new house!


First post from the new house!!

Since the internet line was activated about 2 weeks ago.. I was not around for quite some time. Seems that I was laid back a lot ne...

Anyway.. the intervarsity game was a success!! Except for the broken promises by the catering of Shuri Muri and the slight cold hotel (can't be avoided because of the unstable weather), others were OK..
Met my school friends and juniors.. It was sooo nice to hang around.. Talking and hanging out with Nana since she stayed at my house.. and had a basketball game with Fareena.. I had a lot of fun...

One thing that keeps intriguing me is that, when I brought Nana around the city, Nana said,
'Volgograd is so beautiful and well arranged, just like the High Street in UK.. Things here are cheaper than Nizhny....'
Volgograd (specifically Komsamolskaya Street) = High Street, UK ?? Nah, I don't think so..
lol.. Nana, do come here again to visit more places and enjoy the low prices ne..

And because of the intervarsity game, the university administrator gave 3 days off.. The week after that was Labour Day.. so another 3 days off.. and the next week after Labour Day was Victory Day.. 3 days off..
Because of sooo many days off, the Surgery cycle was cut from 10 days to just 4 days.. uwaaaa.. since it is a subject for this coming summer exam, (one of the most horror subjects too) it is sooo much worrying.. huhu..

Now I'm having Therapy/ Internal Diseases' cycle/posting.. The same teacher as the last semester's but surprisingly now she just talks without asking much.. I admit that she's a good teacher, although she's young.. but I hope that she speaks slower as she speaks in Russian.. huhu..
Anyway.. she gave us Bibliotechniy Dien/ Library Day yesterday.. and since yesterday was rainy.. thank you so much.. but I don't mind at all if there's classes yesterday. The exam is nearer.. rather than staying at home, playing around on a rainy day, it's better to go to classes, right??

Ah.. and the summer exam is sooo near.. but the exam mode is still not switch on.. huhu.. I hope it'll be on soon.. huhu..
~Summer Holiday~

KAT-TUN is having their summer tour Break the Records- by You & For You.. iyaa.. it is indeed a breaking the records concert since there is no artists having a direct 8days concert at Tokyo Dome before.. I heard that the Guiness Book of Records' people was there too to verify it.
Anyway.. the songs from their latest album, by the same title, Break the Records- by You & For You are pretty good.. They'd done a very good job.. お疲れ!

Takuya Kimura's latest work, MR. BRAIN is airing now. Yesterday was the 2nd episode. The first episode's rating was very high, the highest rating from last week. Although there is no sub done yet.. Many people recommend it. It guess it must be a very good drama, ne.. since there are many famous actors and actresses in it. The guest appearances are great too.

maa.. that's all for now..

Hoping for the exam mode switch to be on soon.