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It’s been a long time since I jot down something here. I’ve been home for about 4months.. and been doing a lot of travelling for the last few months. It started with the postgrad trip with my friends. Then came back for job interview and once again had another postgrad trip with my family… and celebrated mum’s birthday in St. Petersburg…

The hardest travel was the journey back home. The sponsor gave me plane ticket which I need to travel back home alone. I just can’t believe it. Out of hundreds of students sponsored why I had to travel alone when there’re another students requesting for the same date. Honestly I don’t really care travelling alone. But when the sponsor gave the domestic flight ticket arriving at different airport from the departing international flight, I was really pissed off. The domestic flight arrived at Domodedovo airport ( in South ) and international flight departed from Sheremetyevo airport ( in the North ). Aarghh… and during the last journey back home I brought in total about 57kg. Alone. Uh.

The domestic flight from Volgograd is tiring. And the excess baggage fee for the domestic flight was very expensive, far more expensive than the KLM and MAS’s international and domestic flight’s fare. I was very shocked. KLM is the oldest flight carrier in the world. MAS is a 5-star airline award winner.

I like the piece concept for the baggage by KLM. It is very passenger friendly but to pack all the stuff according to the rule is really a heartache. Luckily the KLM Royal Dutch flight was very good. One of the best actually. The ground staffs were very friendly. The cabin staffs were very welcoming. The refreshments were yummy. The taxi, take off and landing were smooth.. and.. Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport is great too. It’s very busy as it caters the hub for the trans-Atlantic flight. Not to forget, the duty free shops there were not too expensive. I do enjoy shopping there.. hehe.. and I met a nice Sudanese uncle there. Glad to have a friend to talk with. Except that he asked me to watch over his hand luggage twice for about 90min..

And of course the MAS’s flight is the most tranquilizing one. I was like.. ‘At last.. the flight bound to Kuala Lumpur.. after my body ached from the heavy baggage (and also hand luggage).’ Sat next to 18-month old baby Alex from Amsterdam.. travelling with his family to Aussie. He was sooo cute and active too.

When the plane touched down in KL, I was very relieved.. No matter what happen, my family is near. I had another MAS’s flight where I need to pay for the excess baggage. Hoho.. lucky me the domestic flight’s rate is cheaper.

At home, mum’s been dragging me here and there. Travelling north and south and east and west. She said I must visit all the relatives all around Malaysia before I started working.. and whenever I went to any places besides home, I had various health condition.. huhu.. maa.. Although I like to travel, but my ideal holiday would be to spent the days sleeping, resting, watching TV, reading or surfing internet. It’s like the improvisation of Hiroshi, Chibi Maruko-chan’s dad.. haha.. lol.. What a hardcore introvert.

Speaking about anime.. I’ve been watching a lot of anime recently.. and I reaaaalllllyy love ‘Maid-sama!’ and ‘Fairy Tail.’ I’m afraid that I’m turning into an otaku. I still remember when I tried to bring Juju from the otaku life.. hoho.. It looks like we’ve been switching places.. hehe.. Got to go now. Will jot down anything… if I have the time.

P.S: Would like to congratulate my friend Mayumi Tomita for having her new baby boy recently, my deareast sister for getting the oversea internship offer and to those who started working already..
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